Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Taipei Airport Information

The main Airport serving Taipei is Taoyuan International Airport(TPE), located actually about an hour away from Taipei in Taoyuan county.

Since Taoyuan Airport is about an hour away, those traveling from Taipei will need to find a way to get there. Thankfully we have written a convenient guide to getting to the airport from Taipei.

Taoyuan Airport has two terminals which are quite distant from each other so it is important to know which airline you are with, and which terminal you will leave from. Passengers flying with China Airlines should pay particular attention since China Airlines has a counter at both terminals.

Taoyuan Airport

Some useful airport information links:

Taoyuan International Airports phone # is +886-3-398-3728

SongShan Airport

There is a lesser known airport which is actually in Taipei, Songshan Airport(TSA), which mainly serves domestic flights but also flies to a few nearby countries such as Korea, Japan, and Mainland China. These flights are generally lower fare than comparable flights from Taoyuan, but are generally with discount airlines which can be difficult for international travelers to buy from.

If you do need to travel to SongShan(aka Taipei International Airport), it is easily accessible by Taipei MRT on the brown line. Simply travel to Songshan Airport station.

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