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Taipei to the Airport By Bus

The best way to get from Taipei to Taoyuan Airport is to take an express airport bus near Taipei Main station.
Operated by Kuo Kuang(國光), the fare will be $125 NTD, and it's a direct trip that will be 50-70 minutes from the bus station depending on traffic.

First thing you need to do is get to the airport Bus station, which  is located near Taipei Main station . You can do so by Subway or by Taxi.

Step 1a. Get to the Bus station by Subway

Take the MRT(Subway) to Taipei Main Station.

Coming from the RED/GREEN line, 

Once you arrive at Taipei Main Station, Follow the blue signs for the Bannan Line and go up the escalators

Walk through the corridor and make a right at the T intersection

Skip to Step 2 - "Both sections"

Coming from the BLUE line
Once you arrive at Taipei Main Station, go up the escalator to the main floor. Follow the signs towards "Shinkong Mitukoshi/HSR"

Both Sections
. Follow the signs - "Shinkong Mitsukoshi / Zhongxiao W. Rd"

Exit the station through the gate and follow signs for Shikong Mitsukoshi/Station Front Mall

Up the escalators

Go down the stairs towards the sign that says "Taipei West Bus station"

(Look for this sign)

Stay on the right side as you head down and straight down the hallway

Look for  Exit Z3. to exit from.

Go out of Z3 and you will see Taipei West Bus statoin

Enter the building and you are now at Taipei West Bus station. 

Step 1b - Get to the Bus station by Taxi/Car

If you are in a rush, a good option is to take a car to the bus station directly and then take a bus from there. You could take the taxi straight to the airport, but it will be much more expensive, and won't save you much time.
However because there are many bus stations in Taipei, it's really important to go to the right one - Taipei West Station Terminal A.

You should print or write out the Chinese name

and have the driver take you there.

Here is the Google map of where it is for reference:

View Larger Map

Step 2 - At the Airport Bus Station

Head to the Kuo Kuang(國光) counter on your left

Buy a ticket for the Express bus to Taoyuan International Airport at the Kuo-Kuang Bus Counter.

it should be about $125 Taiwan dollars.

Buses leave about every 15 minutes, and the ride takes from 40 minutes to a bit over an hour if there's traffic.

Make sure to double check which terminal to get off at.

When should you leave the house/hotel?

Whether you choose to take the Bus or taxi, make sure to factor in some extra time.

We strongly recommend those going on international flights to be at the airport 90 minutes before flight departure. This is to give you time to check in and get past immigration and security checkpoints.

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