Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taxi from Taipei to Taoyuan Airport

Getting to the Airport by Taxi is quite easy - Taxis are common across all major intersections in Taipei and most taxi drivers will understand if you tell them you want to go to Taoyuan International Airport. If you want to be extra safe, you could write or print out the Chinese name for Taoyuan Airport

The fare should be about $1300 Taiwanese Dollars and the trip will take from 45 minutes(from taipei city center with good traffic) to an hour and a half or so if traffic is really bad and also depending on where you are coming from in taipei.

If you want to guarantee you have a taxi at a certain time, you can call a taxi service as per below. Please have your contact # and destination ready.

Calling a Taxi by Phone in Taipei

  • Date:2012/4/23
A.Toll free service:             0800-055-850       (toll free)
B.Or using a mobile phone dial: 55850 (fee)
C.Service Area: Taipei City, New Taipei City, Keelung City
II.After getting connected
A.After connecting, listen to the system to voice “Welcome to the Toll Free Taxi Service.”
B.For English service, please press 2.

For automatic transfer to a taxi fleet operator, please press 2 again.

C.After the telephone has been switched over to the taxi company, please carry on the call directly with the company.
D.For your own safety, the criminal records of taxi drivers participating in this system are cleared by the Police Department of the Taipei City government.

Instructions taken from Immigration bureau

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